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Modular construction uses individual prefabricated sections, called modules, that are constructed in an off-site manufacturing facility to build new, code-compliant structures.

Uncompromising standards of quality and finish.

Certified, skilled workers use assembly-line methods to create the sections. There is a rigorous inspection process, from the factory's own quality control to third party inspections. Each module is built to stringent building codes. Inspectors put their approval on every module, and then when the modules are assembled at the site, they are evaluated again. 


Get your new space up and running fast.

Combining building fabrication of the modules and site preparation (foundation, paving, utilities) can easily reduce the overall schedule by 30-50%. The individual modules are built in a predetermined order and sized so they can be transported over the road to the building site. An additional benefit to factory construction is the mitigation of risk with weather delays to your project. The factory workers and the construction materials of your structure are not subjected to adverse weather conditions thus improving quality while maintaining schedule. And with most of the structure built in the factory, there is also less site disturbance to your project location.


The customized modules are finished by the time the site is prepped, so all that is needed is to install the modules onto the foundation to form the complete building structure. Once assembled on the foundation, there are some design elements that are best suited to conventional construction, such as canopies, awnings, and varying roof lines, so many projects involve both modular and conventional construction methods. The final size of a modular building is practically limitless and can be multiple stories high.

Time is money - get to conducting your business faster!

Modular construction is faster than conventional construction, but not necessarily less expensive. The savings are in the increased speed to market that modular facilitates, meaning that you can get your facility up and running faster and therefore get business started that much sooner. 

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