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Specialty Mod Construction is the best alternative to traditional construction companies... and to traditional modular building companies.

We are a turn-key, design-build general contractor who effectively integrates modular construction with conventional construction to provide a superior solution to our clients at an accelerated pace. 

Let us take care of every detail of the project, from design and permits to utilities and final site amenities, so that you can save time and money and get back to business. 




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Customized Solution

Have you considered modular construction for your next build? We create beautiful, customized buildings to solve your space needs using modular construction! Which means you get all the benefits of modular construction with no compromise on design. A modular building's size is practically limitless, and can be multiple stories high. We're so good, you won't even be able to tell the difference between our buildings and a traditional site build. 

Construction Site Managers

Speed to Market

Time is money. At Specialty Mod Construction, we are passionate about reduced project timelines so that you can get back to making money. 

The speed of delivery for modular buildings is fairly well-known, but what about the rest of your project? As a comprehensive, turn-key general contractor, Specialty Mod Construction is able to directly manage the speed of delivery for the entirety of your project. By performing critical site construction elements at the same time as the modular construction elements, we are able to reduce the overall construction timeline by as much as half! Which means you can open your doors sooner, and get back to the business of making money.


Quality & Safety

The controlled environment of modular construction ensures high quality materials and processes and reduces the potential for accidents.

Modular construction is performed off site within a controlled environment, so it is not subjected to inclement weather conditions. Thus the integrity of the construction materials is never compromised and the labor force achieves an increased level of efficiency. Both of which significantly contribute to higher quality standards. 

Additionally, third-party inspections are performed during the entire modular fabrication process ensuring that codes and standards are followed. Inspectors put their approval on each module, and then when the modules are assembled at the site, they are evaluated again. 

Job site safety is of utmost importance at Specialty Mod Construction. Our solution provides a safer construction site for our clients, our employees, and our trade partners. The modular construction process by its very nature reduces the number of trades working on the project site, thereby reducing the potential for accidents. Within the factory setting, the systematic and controlled sequencing of construction from station to station also reduces the risk of accidents. Finally, workers are the experts in the specific roles they perform at their stations and are well-versed at mitigating any associated risks.

Green Energy Turbines


Modular construction is inherently green. By performing most of the construction off-site, we significantly reduce the environmental impact on the project site and its surrounding properties. Reduced site activities and reduced vehicular traffic contribute to a more sustainable solution. The off-site construction in a factory also contributes by decreasing waste and maximizing material and labor efficiencies.

Cement Floor


We combine smart building design and robust construction into a hassle-free solution to solve all your space needs. As a turn-key design-build construction company, we coordinate all the design for the facility, along with the permitting and approvals that are needed. We can work on the design concurrently with construction to help expedite your construction timeline and optimize your project budget. 

Need a service that's not on the list? 

Ask us.

We're "Specialty Mod" for a reason... because we customize our solutions to fit exactly what you need. 

Some of the services we provide include:

•    Design and Engineering
•    Permitting and Approvals
•    Site Development
•    Utilities and Site Preparation
•    Permanent Foundation Systems
•    Building Construction Inclu
ding All Finishes and Architectural Accents
•    All Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Systems, Equipment and Fixtures
•    Paving and Sidewalks
•    Landscaping and Irrigation
•    Signage

Remodels & Renovations

But we don’t stop there. Specialty Mod Construction also offers remodel and renovation services. Based on your requirements, we'll create the design drawings and details needed to obtain approvals, handling everything from start to finish. Using the turn-key approach, we seamlessly manage all scopes and phases of work from foundations and utilities to final touches like light fixtures and artwork. Our mission for each remodel is to breathe new life into your current space, creating something truly extraordinary and awe-inspiring.



We are happy to serve any industry that has a building space challenge. In fact, we thrive on being a hassle-free solution for all your space needs. Specialty Mod Construction takes care of it all from design to engineering to permits and of course, installation. We can help you to get your space needs solved quickly so that you can get back to business.

Here are a few of the industries we have experience working with:

High School Exterior


Classrooms, daycares, dining halls, locker rooms, storage

Government Building


Offices, schools & classrooms, dorms & workforce housing, medical buildings, restrooms & showers, dining halls, locker rooms, storage 

Industrial buildings


Offices, office complexes, dorms & workforce housing, restrooms & showers, storage

Yellow and black construction signage


Office complexes, bathrooms & showers, storage

Commercial warehouse aerial.jpg


Offices, office complexes, dorms & workforce housing, restrooms & showers, storage

Piggy bank signifying the financial industry


Banks, offices, storage

Medical stethoscope


Medical buildings, offices, healthcare imaging buildings, storage

Retail shopping carts


Offices, stores, showrooms, convenience stores



*Project photos shown represent projects completed by current team members of Specialty Mod Construction and may or may not be a project of Specialty Mod Construction.



Recognizing there was a need in the market for more robust building construction that effectively integrated modular and conventional construction methods, Specialty Mod Construction was created. Founded by industry experts whose combined experience delivering high quality modular and conventional construction projects exceeds 50 years, the company’s primary focus is developing and managing permanent modular construction projects from concept to occupancy. We offer turnkey solutions for the education, healthcare, industrial, commercial, retail and government markets throughout the US.

In 2023, Specialty Mod was awarded a TIPS cooperative contract! Which means our customers can skip the competitive RFP process, as TIPS has done it for you. Customers can simply select the products and services they need, choose Specialty Mod Construction as the vendor, and get the project started!




$100K - $10M

Years of Experience

Projects Completed

Project Values



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